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The cornerstone of the LEWISBins+ family of products. They are available in 7 industry standard sizes. These high-quality polypropylene bins are competitively priced to bring value and efficiency.

For work-in-process and picking applications. Made of high-performance polypropylene. Color-code your storage.Hopper front for easy retrieval of parts.Optional dividers available.Colors: Stone, yellow, green, red, blue or clear.Stackable. Front label slot for bar code or identification. All colors FDA approved except yellow & red

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LEWISBins+® ShelfBins

For work-in-process and picking applications 4" and 6" tall bins designed to replace limited-use corrugated boxes.
Colors: red, blue, yellow and green
Nestable when empty.Dividers available.Front label slot for bar code or identification

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LewisBins+ Plastibox® Part Bins

For work-in-process and picking applications. Stackable polypropylene bins designed to work individually or as a system. Hang on most louvered panels or rails. Label insert area for easy identification Bins available with molded-in dividers. Some models have clear covers.  

Color: Light Blue

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LewisBins+ Heavy Duty Hoppers

Strong and tough to hold large parts - made of high-density polyethylene. Stackable or nestable. Nest within their own dimensions & provide positive-lock stacking. Designed for use with 24" D shelving.Front label area for adhesive labels.

Colors: Red, Green & Gray (NPL215 and NPL252 - Blue)


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LewisBins+ Stack-N-Nest Containers

Designed for general manufacturing, food processing and distribution. The ventilated Stack-N-Nest containers are ideal for parts-washing. Rugged: Resist most chemicals, solvents, water & steam. They resist the damaging effects of oil. Stacking and Nesting: maximum space utilization. Stack when full (with or without covers) and nest when empty. Made of High-density polyethylene.

Colors: Blue, grey or red (Ventilated: green, Hopper Stack-N-Nest: grey) Stainless steel dollies available. Use snap-on or adhesive label holders for identification.

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LewisBins+ Distribution Containers - Flipaks®

Hinged-cover containers for distribution and storage.Available in multiple sizes. Molded-in1/4" or 3/8" diameter reinforced security holes for closures such as cable ties or padlocks. Heavily-reinforced hinge elements. Pebble-grained bottom available for use on conveyors. Colors: Grey, Blue or Clear (Nest-only: grey only) Quick-release label area on attached hinged cover & ends.


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LewisBins+ Divider Boxes

Dividable containers made of high-density polyethylene. Slide-in dividers allow instant configuration. (1.25" centers). Stack-only. Strong stacking ridge and ribbed walls. Capacity: 40 lbs per container. Two cardholder snaps included. Covers available. Colors: Red, light blue, dark blue or grey (dividers: grey only)


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LewisBins+ Wall Mounted Systems

Easy-to-install on walls or workstations;Pre-configured systems with bins available or bins can be ordered separately. Wall-mounted louvered panels hold up to 160 lbs. Steel rails hold up to 225 lbs.

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LewisBins+ Metal Storage Cabinets & Bin Carts

Add security, mobility and organization to the workplace.Available in multiple sizes with multiple colors of bins in various combinations. ClearView cabinet with plexiglass doors.Bin carts and cabinets are rugged yet attractive 5" polyurethane casters - 1000 lb weight capacity Bin cabinets are lockable for security.

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LewisBins+ Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Safe materials

LewisBins+ ESD materials conform to ANSI/ESD S20.20 (2007 requirements for ESD packaging.
XL material: conductive thermoplastic polypropylene, parts bins and divider boxes.
LS material: dissipative polypropylene.
Card holders - SD SMC material: dissipative thermoset polyester-based.
Trays: Racks & panels have a durable black permanently-conductive coating.


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LewisBins+ ESD Safe Divider Boxes

Conductive XL material (black)
Dividable container with strong stacking ridge and walls
Can be divided into compartments on 1.25" centers
Stack only.
Weight capacity: 40 lbs per container
Anti-static cardholders available.

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LewisBins+ ESD Safe Part Bins

Conductive XL material (black)
8 sizes available
Solid covers available
Bins available with molded-in dividers
Hang on most louvered panels or rails
Label insert area on front

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