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How to assemble a wire utility cart.

It can be a little confusing when putting one of these guys together.

Let's put it in order:

  1. Put the TOP shelf onto the two loop handles--upside down.

  2. Put the split sleeves onto the loop handles where you want the top shelf to sit.

  3. Put the 2nd shelf onto the loop handles--upside down.

  4. Put the split sleeves onto the loop handles where you want the 2nd shelf to sit.

  5. If you have a 3rd shelf repeat No. 4.

  6. Put the rubber bumpers onto each "leg".

  7. Pound the swivel, stem casters into each leg using a rubber mallet.

  8. Carefully turn the whole item right-side-up.

  9. Seat each shelf onto the split sleeves, making sure they do not move and are at even level on all legs. You can use a rubber mallet on each end of the shelf or set a 2x4 across the shelf and hit with a regular hammer. Try not to bend the wires

  10. Viola.

Utility carts can be 2-shelf or 3-shelf, using almost any size 18", 21" or 24"wide. The larger ones would be tougher to move around when loaded. And, a caster with a load capacity to fit the load would be necessary. The top shelf can be solid galvanized or stainless steel. In fact, all shelves can be what you wish. Even a basket-style shelf can be used.

They can be Metro Stainless steel (NS) Brite (BR) or Chrome (NC) or Olympic (brite). The handles are all chrome or, in the case of stainless steel - stainless steel.

Uses: They are useful for kitchens, office distribution systems, production lines, healthcare,

garages, bedroom (moveable for cleaning); you name it.

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