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Invest in Smart Storage Solutions

The key to making the most of your kitchen’s limited space is to invest in food service equipment that’s compact, versatile, and efficient. The more function you can get out of one piece of equipment, the better. For example, rather than having separate refrigerators, freezers, and stand-alone prep counters, why not invest in a combination refrigerator/freezer with a built-in worktop? Furthermore, many restaurant equipment pieces these days feature under-shelf storage, fold-away storage, and other space-saving options.

Maximizing counter space is also possible with the right accessories. Consider, for example, a vertical rack for all your kitchen’s cutting boards, or racks for storing and organizing baking sheets, pot/pan lids, and other accessories that can otherwise clutter your counter space?

For more information, please visit our website or contact our Product Specialists for specification assistance, special product configurations and/or quotation requests.

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